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Nuclear ban treaty negotiations in 2017

The United Nations will convene negotiations in 2017 on “a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination”. This new international agreement will place nuclear weapons on the same legal footing as other weapons of mass destruction, which have long been outlawed. The negotiations began at ...

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Video: Virgin Atlantic Plane Overtaken By ‘UFO’ Over Skies Of New York

The incredible footage shows the Virgin Atlantic plane flying from JFK airport before a mystery object is seen in the distance flying quickly past it This is the spooky moment a jumbo jet taking off from New York was seemingly overtaken in the air by a UFO. The incredible footage ...

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Video: John Lennon describes seeing a UFO over New York 1974

John Lennon describes seeing a UFO over New York – This is a very rare video.

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Video: Robots manage to pass self-awareness test

We’re a long way off from having robots with an artificial intelligence close to what is seen in movies such as Her or Ex Machina. But for the first time, three humanoid robots showed a glimmer of self-consciousness by solving a classic philosophical problem. The robotic trio was composed of ...

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Atheists have ‘better sex lives than followers of religion who are plagued with guilt’

Atheists have far better sex lives than religious people who are plagued with guilt during intercourse and for weeks afterwards, researchers have found. A study discovered that non-believers are more willing to discuss sexual fantasies and are more satisfied with their experiences. Both groups of people admitted that they carried ...

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