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What Was The World’s Earliest Documented UFO Sighting?

UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects – are real. Of course they are: Hundreds of people see mysterious objects in the sky all the time. However, some are considered by a more eccentric few to represent something more enigmatic and alien. Either way, there have been reported sightings of these levitating ...

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What Will It Take for Humans to Colonize the Milky Way?

It’s a common theme in science fiction, but migrating to planets beyond our solar system will be a lot more complicated and difficult than you might imagine The idea that humans will eventually travel to and inhabit other parts of our galaxy was well expressed by the early Russian rocket ...

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Eavesdropping on Aliens: Why Edward Snowden Got E.T. Wrong

Edward Snowden, the former contractor who leaked National SecurityAgency secrets publicly in 2013, is now getting attention for an odd subject: aliens. In a podcast interview with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Snowden suggested that alien communications might be encrypted so well that humans trying to eavesdrop on extraterrestrials would have ...

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Video: Mars is the Next “New World,” And We’ll Set Foot on it Soon

Establishing a colony on Mars would protect the long-term survival of the human race. Stephen Petranek’s new book is “How We’ll Live on Mars” Transcript – The reason we need to travel to Mars and to establish a civilization on Mars is to protect the long-term survival of the human ...

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China hopes to find alien life with world’s largest radio telescope, now being built in Guizhou

The world’s largest radio telescope, with a dish that could fit 30 football fields, is currently being assembled in the mountains of Guizhou province. Once complete, the single-aperture spherical telescope, called FAST, will surpass the Arecibo Observatory telescope in Puerto Rico to become the biggest in the world. FAST’s reflector ...

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