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Video: The Project SERPO: Did NASA Send Astronauts To Another Planet?

Does the secret UFO report from the 1970’s prove that NASA sent astronauts to another planet to meet with aliens? Secret Project Serpo: 10 men and 2 women were going to travel to planet Serpo. Serpo is rumoured to be located in Zeta Reticuli, which is the famous solar system ...

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Returning To The Moon Is Ten Times Cheaper Than Thought, And It Could Lead To Mars

Traveling to the Moon just got a whole lot cheaper. A NASA-funded study (PDF) has found that the cost of lunar missions could be reduced by a factor of 10 using a number of techniques – and it could also have implications for getting humans to Mars. The extensive NexGen ...

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Video:Our universe may be a Matrix-like computer game designed by Extraterrestrials, says NASA scientist

WELCOME to The Matrix. You’ve lived here all your life. Everything you have ever done or will do could simply be the product of a highly-advanced computer code. Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers. This was the terrifying theory first proposed by ...

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