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What UFOs are teaching us

Evidence of his theory:

Other than the experiments that unequivocally validate his theory, as an astrophysicist, Claude Poher has shown that his theory solves a lot of the astronomical mysteries that we know of today:

* the slowing down of the Pioneer probes once they exit our solar system,

* the missing mass of the universe, which is non-existent (what’s truly missing from our theory are the Universons),

* The unexplained acceleration of pieces of spiral galaxies according to their distance in the center,

* and many other points, which I did not address.

Poher created the GEPAN when he was working at CNES, and it’s because he developed an interest in the propulsion system of UFOs that he worked on his anti-gravity theory.

He also goes over the many known phenomena caused by UFOs — car breakdowns, paralyzing effect on people, sudden acceleration of UFOs, and how the Universons’ technology simply allows the nullification of inertia on board a spaceship moving with the flux of Universons, etc…

But another strange enigma remains for which we have no answer today: Our Extraterrestrial visitors challenge the General Theory of Relativity!

Astronomers assert that the star nearest to the sun (proxima in the Centaurus constellation) is 4.24 light-years. Thus our visitors come from very, very, far and manage to return within the time frame compatible with their life expectancy.

In the second Message, Rael gives a summary of the contact he had on October 7, 1975, and describes his 24-hour journey on the planet of the Eternals. A journey he estimates to have lasted less than an hour… Since this planet cannot be located in our solar system, we have here a confirmation that their traveling speed is very different from everything we know, including the speed of light.

The General Theory of Relativity in its current interpretation is thus being challenged!!!
If this theory proved to be true, the relativistic constraints of the contraction of time would make communication impossible (several years at a speed close to that of light would correspond to several centuries on earth)

Exotic assumptions can be proposed. We can imagine that there is no material displacement but only transfer of information. The genetic code and memory bank of individuals could be transferred and then reconstituted at destination?

But the transport of the information should still circulate thousands of times faster than the speed of light. This topic is so far ahead from what we know and the only indisputable conclusion we can come up with is that we just don’t know!!!

The presence, for thousands of years, of extraterrestrial ships flying in our proximity must incite us to change our paradigms. Yes, they are out there and it’s not a matter of believing, but more about having a minimum amount of common sense to understand…

Their inconspicuous but permanent presence is also a key element that confirms the Raelian Messages given both in 1973 and 1975 to the one these visitors named Raël. Many have not yet taken the time to try to understand…

The diffused energetic environment and the anti-gravitation techniques will soon be available to us, but the best goes alongside with the worst. This undertaking can lead to the development and well-being of humanity, but it can also accelerate its destruction. Individuals without a conscience having access to an omnipresent and inexhaustible source of energy can build weapons capable of destroying all of humanity.

Marcel Terrusse

“Gravitation, Universons, energy of the future » C.Poher 2003 du Rocher edition (ISBN 2 268 04789).

“Gravitation and Universons” Claude Poher 2016 ebook version at http://www.universons.com/

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