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What UFOs are teaching us

According to Claude Poher, it was inconceivable that such an energy be only attributable to the gravitational potential energy brought about by a “hidden mass of unknown and invisible matter” merely surrounding the galaxies in a halo of incredible size. It was imperative for this same energy in the meadow of the local farmer where a flying saucer had flown at great acceleration to be exploitable. It was then, in 1980, that he imagined the theoretical concept of an isotropic cosmic flux of quanta each carrying a tiny amount of movement that he named, Universons. In his mind, this was what he believed to be the cause of gravitation.

The existence of this natural flux was essential in order to solve the two enigmas, and it was then necessary to try and understand how to extract kinetic energy from this natural flux.

At first, he did not yet have the slightest idea about the interaction between this hypothetical flux and matter, therefore a lot still needed to be imagined and verified. And he was all alone to face this challenge.

What was the clearest in his mind was the following astronomical experimental fact: stars were capable of extracting 90% of their kinetic energy from this isotropic quantified natural flux. And if stars were able to do it, then it’s fair to say that a technology that is more advanced than our own could have done it too, and this would theoretically enable it to reach interstellar travel.

He went on to get involved in the progressive elaboration of a theoretical model based on hypotheses that are consistent with observations.

This was a theoretical elaboration sowed with multiple pitfalls, because the model did not follow a series of acceptable hypotheses within the framework of known physics.

Indeed, in order to be able to extract kinetic energy from the natural flux that he had imagined, it was necessary for the behavior of the energy particles, which this energy flux should be composed of, to have a very particular behavior with respect to ordinary matter.

On the one hand, it was necessary for this flux to carry a tremendous amount of energy, and on the other hand it had to be unnoticeable, since it had never been detected prior. For him, this meant that there was a need to imagine a new type of fundamental interaction between the particles of energy (Universons) and the elementary particles of matter. It was a matter of discovering a particular type of quantum interaction.

The gravitational quanta contained in this flux could not in fact collide with the particles of matter and yield their momentum as is the case when two billiard balls collide. Moreover, the Laws of celestial mechanics were very clear on this issue. Any notion about collision systematically failed.

And yet the flux must have been able to yield extraordinary amounts of motion to the stars’ matter or to that of the UFOs!

Then came the transition to experimental verification.

Experimental realizations:

Claude Poher succeeded in creating a ceramic material that, when kept at very low temperatures such as liquid nitrogen and then submitted to a very high current at high voltage (current of 1000 Amps and 1000 V) accelerated the electrons within it and thus produced a flux of Universons. He would rightfully call it a Universons’ transmitter.

These Universons have been used to show:

* the acceleration of matter in the flux of Universons regardless of the masking effect and the number of elements stacked up in the flux of Universons itself, which showed that Universons do indeed go through matter over great distances without a problem and really generates a movement within it. Matter was accelerated to amazing levels (several hundreds or thousands of g force). Fortunately, the acceleration only lasts a short time, yet over two microseconds it can generate a force equivalent to several hundred grams, even exceeding a kilogram.

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