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What UFOs are teaching us

Another issue has to do with the acceleration of these UFOs. Eye witnesses have all observed enormous changes in speed, chaotic trajectories with abrupt changes in direction that would make it impossible for any human to withstand due to our physiology. How could any biological organism survive such brutal conditions?

… and yet there are visitors from outer space who are proving that the journey is definitely possible!

The daily accounts by credible witnesses of extraterrestrial crafts flying in our skies clearly indicate that there is a solution to all the problems mentioned:

Their very presence is a clear sign that they are able to survive the journey at a speed compatible with the distance covered, and that they have an enormous source of energy at their disposal, one that we still struggle conceptualizing within the narrow framework of present-day science.

How is it possible to achieve such a significant acceleration and reach speeds of up to several thousands of miles per second, and even speeds that are near or above the speed of light? What technology and what kind of energy can we use to achieve this, and where can we find it?

The obvious acceleration observed suggests that the living entities in the UFOs are not affected by it. Could it be that each passenger is subjected to the same acceleration field and gravitational flux as the chair they sit on?

This indicates that the beings who visit us know where to harness the needed energy from and they have solved the issue of creating and controlling gravitational fluxes.

If we would conquer anti-gravitation technology and were able to harness the energy from the diffused energetic fields that we bathe in, everything would change.
The accelerations and speeds that could be reached would be considerable (thousands of g). The problems related to physiological resistance at great accelerations would be solved.

But before we get to that point, we will have to radically change the way we look at the structure of both matter and space. The main stumbling block for us today is a conceptual one coupled with a clear ignorance of what the fine structure of matter truly is. The path we will not further elaborate on here is the one that deals with the acceptance of a model of an infinite universe that has a fractal and multi-leveled structure that goes in both the infinitely large and the infinitely small. As above so below.

For a very long time now, we have had solitary pioneers working tirelessly to unravel the secrets of gravitation. A draft answering all these questions currently exists, and the most advanced of these pioneering researchers is Claude Poher. “Claude Poher (born in 1936) is a retired French engineer from the National Center for Space Studies (CNES). He is an engineer in space research and electronics, and also holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He is best known for his involvement in the creation of a Study Group working on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (GEPAN), the first official ufology bureau created in France in 1977, and devoted to the study of the UFO phenomenon.”

For nearly forty years he has dedicated his life in the elucidation of the major gravitational energy enigma: where did the kinetic energy from the stars in all the galaxies come from, and where did the kinetic energy from the flying saucers described by credible eye witnesses come from? Not to mention, how do you explain the mechanism with which these massive space vehicles propel themselves without releasing any combustible material?

As early as 1980, he was already embracing the notion that the galaxies’ gravitational enigma was intimately intertwined with that of the propulsion of these incredible flying objects. Indeed, in both cases there had to be a humongous source of energy that stars and UFOs could draw from, and this colossal and diffused energy had to be usable anywhere in the Universe.

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